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Euro Handle IT - Handle and Knob drilling tool
Online Price: £60.75 (72.90 inc VAT)
Pinch Dog Glue Clamps - 2" pack of 6
Online Price: £16.55 (19.86 inc VAT)
Vortex Separator Kit - 6 gallon capacity
Online Price: £49.95 (59.94 inc VAT)

Handle and Knob drilling jig / tool
Install handles and knobs quicker
Precise drilling - less costly mistakes

Pinch Dog Clamps
Traditional glue clamps
2 inch, pack of 6
Vortex Separator Kit
For vacuums
Less filter clogging
Collins Spring Clamp Pliers + 4 springs - Starter kit
Online Price: £24.99 (29.99 inc VAT)
Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Mitre saws
Online Price: £149.95 (179.94 inc VAT)
Rod-Less sealant gun - 310ml - red
Online Price: £19.95 (23.94 inc VAT)

Spring Clamp Plier set
Pliers and 4 springs
Starter Kit

Mitre Saw Dust Solution
Manage your Mitre Saw dust
Universal brackets supplied
Rod-Less sealant gun
Compact & Lightweight
Ideal for silicones and caulk
Simple Scribe II - Green
Online Price: £9.95 (11.94 inc VAT)
Large Surface Roller - Heavy Duty - Adjustable handle
Online Price: £23.95 (28.74 inc VAT)
Pro Scribing Tool
7 fixed offsets - 7mm to 25mm
Spirit level built in
Large Area Roller - Heavy Duty
For flooring and walling
Solid & strong for pro use
Cut & Peel Tool Foam
55mm thick - 10 layers
Blue on Graphite sheet
A1, A2, A3 sheets
Custom sizes available

Trim Gauge - 100mm / 4"
Online Price: £15.64 (18.77 inc VAT)
Nail and Pin Guide
Your Price: £1.85 (2.22 inc VAT)
Seneca Parallel Guide - For Festool track guide
Online Price: £199.00 (238.80 inc VAT)
Capture and transfer any measurement
Multi Purpose slide rule and level
Nail & Pin guide
For precision and safety
6 sizes of grips
Seneca Parallel Guide System
For Festool guide rail
and TS55 track saw