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iVAC Pro Tool Plus - Cable Sensor - 230V
Online Price: £49.99 (£59.99 inc VAT)
Elipse Half Mask Respirator - P3 Filters
Online Price: £18.00 (£21.60 inc VAT)
iVAC Blast Gate - 4 inch motorised - 230V
Online Price: £82.25 (£98.70 inc VAT)
iVAC Cable Sensor
Wireless controller
Automatic switching
Twin filter dust mask
Lifetime respirator with P3 filters
Superior comfort and performance
iVAC 4" motorised Blast Gate
Wired or Wireless
Remote or Automatic
Dust Deputy - Ultimate - for FESTOOL
Online Price: £209.99 (£251.99 inc VAT)
iVAC Switch Box - 230V 13A UK
Online Price: £45.82 (£54.98 inc VAT)
Collins Coping Foot - MAFELL P1cc
Online Price: £46.49 (£55.79 inc VAT)
Ultimate Cyclone system
Static conductive system
For your FESTOOL CT 26 vacuum
iVAC vacuum switch 13A
Control your vacuum automatically
with your power tool
Collins Coping Foot
For Mafell P1cc
Freehand cutting tool
SensGard PRO 9 hearing protector - Green
Online Price: £20.85 (£25.02 inc VAT)
JotSpot 2.25 inch writing tablet
Online Price: £5.20 (£6.24 inc VAT)
Magnetic Pickup Tool
Online Price: £18.65 (£22.38 inc VAT)
SensGard - Ear Guards - Green
26db noise cancelling
Light and comfortable
JotSpot Erasable Tablet
2.25" Reusable note pad
Fits most tapes 16'-20'
Pickup Magnet Tool
For ferrous metals
Extra convenience and safety
Simple Scribe II - Green
Online Price: £9.95 (£11.94 inc VAT)
Bench Glue Container - 0.9L C/W brush
Online Price: £6.95 (£8.34 inc VAT)
Euro Handle IT - Handle and Knob drilling tool
Online Price: £60.75 (£72.90 inc VAT)
Pro Scribing Tool
7 fixed offsets - 7mm to 25mm
Spirit level built in
Magic Dispenser - 0.9 litre
For Glues and Liquids
Reduces evaporation

Handle and Knob drilling jig / tool
Install handles and knobs quicker
Precise drilling - less costly mistakes