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iVAC Switch Box - 230V 13A UK
Online Price: £45.82 (54.98 inc VAT)
Wireless remote for Festool CT 26/36/48
Online Price: £113.95 (136.74 inc VAT)
Large Surface Roller - Heavy Duty - Adjustable handle
Online Price: £21.75 (26.10 inc VAT)
iVAC vacuum switch 13A
Control your vacuum automatically
with your power tool
Festool CT wireless remote
After Market enhancment

230V and 110V
Large Area Roller - Heavy Duty
For flooring and walling
Solid & strong for pro use
Simple Scribe II - Green
Online Price: £9.95 (11.94 inc VAT)
Nail and Pin Guide
Your Price: £1.85 (2.22 inc VAT)
Seneca Domiplate - 1/2 and 3/4 inch
Online Price: £62.95 (75.54 inc VAT)
Pro Scribing Tool
7 fixed offsets - 7mm to 25mm
Spirit level built in
Nail & Pin guide
For precision and safety
6 sizes of grips
Seneca Domiplate
1/2" and 3/4" plate
for Domino DF 500
Gitta Grip - grip enhancing paste
Online Price: £3.30 (3.96 inc VAT)
Bench Glue Container - 0.9L C/W brush
Online Price: £8.25 (9.90 inc VAT)
iVAC Pro Tool Plus - Cable Sensor - 230V
Online Price: £58.95 (70.74 inc VAT)
Grip Enhancing Paste
First aid kit for your toolbox
Magic Dispenser - 0.9 litre
For Glues and Liquids
Reduces evaporation
iVAC Cable Sensor
Wireless controller
Automatic switching
JotSpot 2.25 inch writing tablet
Online Price: £5.20 (6.24 inc VAT)
Seneca Cutter Adapter - for Domino XL DF700
Online Price: £61.95 (74.34 inc VAT)
Collins Coping Foot - MAFELL P1cc
Online Price: £67.95 (81.54 inc VAT)
JotSpot Erasable Tablet
2.25" Reusable note pad
Fits most tapes 16'-20'
Domino Cutter Adapter
Use DF 500 cutters on
your DF 700 (XL)
Collins Coping Foot
For Mafell P1cc
Freehand cutting tool