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Seneca Domi - Shim - For Festool DF700
Online Price: 35.95 (43.14 inc VAT)
Seneca Clamp Dogs - Pair of dogs with fixings
Online Price: 75.95 (91.14 inc VAT)
Seneca Domi - Shim
Allows your DF700 Domino to
centre on narrower stock
Seneca Clamp Dogs (x2)
Combines a bench dog
and clamp mount

Spring Clamp Plier set
Pliers and 4 springs
Starter Kit

Trim Gauge - 100mm / 4"
Online Price: 15.64 (18.77 inc VAT)
Elipse Half Mask Respirator - P3 Filters
Online Price: 18.00 (21.60 inc VAT)
iVAC Blast Gate - 4 inch motorised - 230V
Online Price: 98.95 (118.74 inc VAT)
Capture and transfer any measurement
Multi Purpose slide rule and level
Twin filter dust mask
Lifetime respirator with P3 filters
Superior comfort and performance
iVAC 4" motorised Blast Gate
Wired or Wireless
Remote or Automatic
Dust Deputy - Super - Cyclone only
Online Price: 199.99 (239.99 inc VAT)
Simple Scribe II - Green
Online Price: 9.95 (11.94 inc VAT)
Gitta Grip - grip enhancing paste
Online Price: 3.30 (3.96 inc VAT)
Oneida Super Cyclone
5" and 6" port cyclone
For 1 to 3hp shop vacuums
Pro Scribing Tool
7 fixed offsets - 7mm to 25mm
Spirit level built in
Grip Enhancing Paste
First aid kit for your toolbox
Bench Glue Container - 0.9L C/W brush
Online Price: 8.25 (9.90 inc VAT)
Lathe Dust Hood - 8 x 8 inches
Online Price: 12.99 (15.59 inc VAT)
Easy Drill - hinge boring jig
Online Price: 9.95 (11.94 inc VAT)
Magic Dispenser - 0.9 litre
For Glues and Liquids
Reduces evaporation
Lathe Dust Hood
For 4" (100mm) extractors
Collects your dust at source
35mm concealed hinge jig
Essential jig for cabinet work
For improved accuracy and consistency