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JotSpot 2.25 inch writing tablet
Online Price: £5.20 (£6.24 inc VAT)
Euro Handle IT - Handle and Knob drilling tool
Online Price: £60.75 (£72.90 inc VAT)
Bench Glue Container - 0.9L C/W brush
Online Price: £7.25 (£8.70 inc VAT)
JotSpot Erasable Tablet
2.25" Reusable note pad
Fits most tapes 16'-20'

Handle and Knob drilling jig / tool
Install handles and knobs quicker
Precise drilling - less costly mistakes

Magic Dispenser - 0.9 litre
For Glues and Liquids
Reduces evaporation
iVAC Blast Gate - 4 inch motorised - 230V
Online Price: £82.25 (£98.70 inc VAT)
Magnetic Pickup Tool
Online Price: £18.65 (£22.38 inc VAT)
Pro Scraper - Vacuum Attachment
Online Price: £23.29 (£27.95 inc VAT)
iVAC 4" motorised Blast Gate
Wired or Wireless
Remote or Automatic
Pickup Magnet Tool
For ferrous metals
Extra convenience and safety
Pro Scraper - Vacuum scraper
Tungsten Carbide Blade
Connects to your Vacuum
Pinch Dog Glue Clamps - 2" pack of 6
Online Price: £16.55 (£19.86 inc VAT)
Lathe Dust Hood - 8 x 8 inches
Online Price: £12.99 (£15.59 inc VAT)
Trim Gauge - 100mm / 4"
Online Price: £13.64 (£16.37 inc VAT)
Pinch Dog Clamps
Traditional glue clamps
2 inch, pack of 6
Lathe Dust Hood
For 4" (100mm) extractors
Collects your dust at source
Capture and transfer any measurement
Multi Purpose slide rule and level
Easy Drill - hinge boring jig
Online Price: £9.95 (£11.94 inc VAT)
SensGard PRO 9 hearing protector - Green
Online Price: £20.85 (£25.02 inc VAT)
Dust Deputy - Super - Cyclone only
Online Price: £169.99 (£203.99 inc VAT)
35mm concealed hinge jig
Essential jig for cabinet work
For improved accuracy and consistency

SensGard - Ear Guards - Green
26db noise cancelling
Light and comfortable
Oneida Super Cyclone
5" and 6" port cyclone
For 1 to 3hp shop vacuums