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Seneca Parallel Guide - For Festool track guide
Online Price: £199.00 (238.80 inc VAT)
Seneca Imperial Thickness Gauge - For Festool DF700
Online Price: £48.95 (58.74 inc VAT)
iVAC Pro Remote
Online Price: £26.29 (31.55 inc VAT)
Seneca Parallel Guide System
For Festool guide rail
and TS55 track saw
Seneca Thickness Gauge
For your DF700 Domino
Quick pre set adjustments
iVAC Remote
Wireless controller
Automatic switching
Vacuum Attachment - Universal
Online Price: £3.95 (4.74 inc VAT)
iVAC Switch Box - 230V 13A UK
Online Price: £45.82 (54.98 inc VAT)
Dust Deputy - 4" Cyclone & Drum kit
Online Price: £229.95 (275.94 inc VAT)
Vacuum connector
Universal - connects to most power tools
Suits most small hoses & cuffs
iVAC vacuum switch 13A
Control your vacuum automatically
with your power tool
Oneida Cyclone Kit
4" / 100mm port cyclone
15 gallon dust drum
Elipse Half Mask Respirator - P3 Filters
Online Price: £18.00 (21.60 inc VAT)
Wireless remote for Festool CT 26/36/48
Online Price: £113.95 (136.74 inc VAT)
Magnetic Pickup Tool
Online Price: £18.65 (22.38 inc VAT)
Twin filter dust mask
Lifetime respirator with P3 filters
Superior comfort and performance
Festool CT wireless remote
After Market enhancment

230V and 110V
Pick-up Magnet Tool
For ferrous metals
Extra convenience and safety
Seneca Clamp Dogs - Pair of dogs with fixings
Online Price: £75.95 (91.14 inc VAT)
Complete Glue Kit - Bottle and 5 applicators
Online Price: £6.99 (8.39 inc VAT)
Gitta Grip - grip enhancing paste
Online Price: £3.30 (3.96 inc VAT)
Seneca Clamp Dogs (x2)
Combines a bench dog
and clamp mount
Complete Glue Kit
For woodworkers
5 nozzles for precise work
Grip Enhancing Paste
First aid kit for your toolbox